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Specialists Related to Social Science, Gender PRA, Livelihood Activities, Microfinance, Networking of Groups & Documentation to provide Guidance Support to Field Personnel



Area of Expertise


Mr. Dinesh Tewari

Team Leader/Consultant (M&E/Social Development with specialization in PRA Techniques)

Post Graduate in  Sociology/Mathematics, with Specialization in Mathematical Statistics, LLB

Expertise in PRA Techniques Statistical methods, Sampling techniques and Design of experiments, Small area estimation techniques etc.

18 Years in Development Sector with core expertise in Participatory Management and Community Driven Development, Undertaking Project Evaluation and Impact Assessment Studies, Training Need Assessment, Formulation of Strategic Planning of implementing programmes at both grass root level and professional sector. Produced 39 Evaluation reports for GoI sponsored Watershed Development Projects. Developed 02 Strategic Research Extension Plans for Districts Almora and Uttarkashi for DASP Project (World Bank Aided).

As District Project Coordinator executed DASP Project in District Almora.

Most recent assignment covers Five Year Perspective Plan Preparation for 2240 GPs under NREGA in Districts Almora, Pithoragarh and Nainital.

Dr. Dinesh Mahtolia

Post Graduate in Natural Resource Sciences (Forestry). Pursuing Ph.D. in Natural Resource Management (Forestry).

Master of Business Administration with specialization in HRM

Certified Training Need Assessment (TNA) expert and National level Recognized Trainer (RT) for TNA, Specializes in Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Participatory Learning and Action & SARAR techniques of Community Mobilization & Participatory Management (CMPM)

Overall experience of around 22 years in the area of scientific/social research; planning, execution, monitoring & overall management of community driven Demand Responsive Approach (DRA) based development projects (specifically WATSAN & Horticulture sector); designing and implementation of training/capacity building programmes for elected and non-elected representatives/ officials/functionaries of different departments, Urban Local Bodies & Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and preparation of case studies/strategy related to development & management.

Dr. Harpreet Singh

MS in computer Sc, from DePaul University, USA (2003) Post Graduate Diploma in Information Management Systems

National Institute Of Technology, New Delhi, India – September 1990


Expert in all major aspects of system development and Information Management Systems, Maintain a clean database of quantitative and qualitative data.

 Develop and field test data collection instruments.


20+ years of experience in the field of effect management of MIS operations, software development, program/project management, system architecture in varied industries ranging from pharmaceutical, banking, financial analysis to manufacturing. 

Expert in design and development of tailor made online MIS system for monitoring and evaluation.

Mr. Nitin Jagtap

Post Graduate in Environmental Sciences.


Post Graduate Diploma in Business              Management.


Expertise in monitoring and management of large scale rural developmental projects, handling development projects, appraisal assignments and studies

15 Years , Monitoring & management of rural development projects. State Monitor for monitoring of SGSY special projects (Approximately 25,000 HH’s) Training specialist, Co-ordinator Entrepreneurship development. Actively involved in development of human resources, development of local peoples institutions (SHGs and their federations), developing training modules, programs and marketing network.

Mr. Abhishek Samal

Master In Social Welfare M.Sc. Ag. (Plant Pathology)


Conceptualizing, operationalizing and implementing large scale development programmes, both in urban and rural areas

Development and dissemination of quality training material, reference material, training manuals, modules and toolkits

Capacity building ,training research work and fund raising

Networking with State/National and International agencies

13+ Years, Monitoring and Appraisal of Various development projects in different parts of the country , Especially involved in watershed monitoring and evaluation, Large scale research, impact assessment studies, planning, monitoring and evaluation assignments

Proposal writing based on need assessment and resource tapping of government /private/public sector funds for poverty alleviation

Maintaining/establishing meaningful relationships/ Networking with various International agencies /Government dept. NGO’s, Businesses, FBO’s, to maximize the financial and technical resources and develop a synergy for effectively serving the needs of the poor.

Mr. Bhuwan Bora,    SMS

(Natural Resource Management)

Diploma in Natural Resource Management

Specialization in Preparation of DPR and IPCR using GPS/GIS

15 Years, Watershed Management. Has past experience in implementing sector reform projects (SWAJAL), Watershed Management Studies, Surveys and M&E Assignments.

Dr. Mitakshi Joshi


(Gender/Social Dynamics)

M.A. (Economics), Ph.D.

Expertise in social research and behavioral change, Gender equity, Entrepreneurship Promotion, Data Analysis and Process Documentation

10 Years, Manager (Micro Finance), expertise in Institution Development, Gender Issues, Group Competency, and Policy analysis, Master Trainer of Entrepreneurial Development Programmes for Rural Communities.

Mr. C. M. S. Adhikari

MBA (Marketing Finance, Management Information System)

Management Information System

08 Years,  Expertise in integrating spatial and non-spatial data of different line department (indigenous GIS software), Geomatica (GIS & DIP software) and GPS Technologies and plan strategies for them along with all other system allied duties in the GIS cell of the center.

Dr. Vikendra Bedi

M.A. (Geography), PG Diploma in GIS from USAC

Expertise in conducting studies, surveys with focus on spatial and non-spatial data of different line department (indigenous GIS software)

06 Years, expertise in conduction of studies surveys, under taking pre-feasibility studies, preparation od Techno-Economic Feasibility report,

Mr. Manish Trivedi SMS (Agriculture), Livelihood Promotion & Marketing Expert

MBA (Agri Business)

Expert (Agriculture, Rural Market Linkages )

07 Years, Expertise in Strengthening community based institutions   for micro-enterprise development by promoting a cohesive model of market survey, business opportunity identification/guidance, technical analysis, evaluation of consumer behavior, market segmentation, pricing and distribution.

Ms. Gunjan Tewari


Marketing and event management

04 Years, Agribusiness promotion and subsector promotion

*A Core Group of Technical Investigators and Research Assistants are associated with the organization who gives their services as and when required on part time basis.

List of Support Staff



Area of Expertise


Mr. Anil Rana


Group Strengthening and Entrepreneurship Promotion


11 Years, Trainer (REDP)

Has received 21 days training on Entrepreneurship from EDII Lucknow and SIDBI

Bachi S. Bisht


Group Strengthening and Technical dissemination

5 Year, SMS Bee Keeping

Mr. Lalit Joshi


Group Dynamics

06 Years in Group Mobilization and Strengthening, Leadership Development, Thrift and Credit

Ms. Shalini Thapa


Community Mobilizer, Leadership development in SHGs

05 Years in Group Mobilization and Strengthening, Leadership Development, Thrift and Credit

Ms. Jyoti Pande


Group Dynamics

05 Years in Group Mobilization and Strengthening, Leadership Development, Thrift and Credit

Ms. Deepika Bisht


PCPNDT Awareness in community

As Mobilizer under MoHFW supported PCPNDT Project

Mr. Kishan Singh


Account Manager

08 Years, involved in account management

Mr. Sundar Bisht




Networked Associates:





Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava

Consultant (Project Evaluation and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment)

M.Sc.(Ag.) Agriculture Economics, Ph.D.

Specialization in Project Evaluation, Socio-economic Impact assessment, MDPs, research and consultancy. Involved as consultant for managing development projects along with M & E in UPSLRP-1, UPDASP, DASP Uttranchal, NATP, ARIASP, IWDP-J&K (Hills-II) and conducted several Management Development Program (Training) for Senior/Middle level executives in different areas.

24 Years, Presently working as Associate Professor, Economics & Business Policy at FORE School of Management, New Delhi. Has vast experience in Project Evaluation and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment, Policy analysis and strategic planning for Agribusiness, Evaluation of Income Generating Activities, Group Performance Evaluation, Production economics, Rural marketing and Rural credit with more than 14 years of experiences in relevant area at MP University, IIM Lucknow and at FORE School of Management, New Delhi. Produced more than 50 Reports for World Bank and Government on various areas.

Mr. Mukesh Kumar

Consultant (Finance & Organizational Review)


Expertise in Corporate Finance/Corporate Planning and Restructuring & Strategic Planning for Behavioral Science etc.

20 Years (as Mukesh and Usha Associates, Chartered Accountants)


Mr. Mukund Kumaiyan (System Analyst)

MCA, Microsoft System Engineer plus Internet

Microsoft System Engineer plus Internet

18 Years, System Administration and Networking, Expertise in Geographical Information Science, Data Analyst.

Captain (Er) Anil Sharma (Engineering Consultant)

B.E (Civil)

Expertise in Supervision of Civil constructions specially related to housing projects .

35 Years, experience in guidance to Engineers in Housing development projects.